Earlier this year, a woman in Galloway Township reported that she was walking her dog in her neighborhood when they came upon a cougar or mountain lion.

In the weeks following our story a few more people also reached out about their own cougar sightings in the area.

Of course, the New Jersey Wildlife people will flat out tell you there are no mountain lions anywhere in New Jersey.

The reports, though, continue.

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I received a report from a woman who drove last Sunday (August 28) from her home in the Philadelphia area to her vacation home in Avalon. She says she was on Route 347 just after 230am when she saw something:

"I spotted a mountain lion on the opposite side of the road. I do have a dash cam but I was doing 60 mph in the 50 so the video clip/animal sighting is super brief. I did, however, take a zoomed-in picture & while still low-quality the color of this animal really comes thru. It was crouched with its back/tail in my direction & I had startled it/causing it to look back."

Courtesy of Anonymous
Courtesy of Anonymous

The woman, whose name we will keep anonymous, said someone suggested to her that it might have been a bobcat. She says, though, it was not a bobcat. "I am aware of the obvious differences between both species as well as educated on Mountain Lions as they are in the area of another vacation spot I visit in the middle of Pennsylvania."

Courtesy of Anonymous
Courtesy of Anonymous

Have your own South Jersey cougar or mountain lion sighting? We'd love to hear from you. Please send an email to joe.kelly@townsquauremedia.com.

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