Remember the destruction left behind in various South Jersey towns after Hurricane Ida swept through the western parts of the region last year?

The fall of 2021 proved to be devastating for many South Jersey residents in Gloucester County as they lost their homes and sentimental possessions as a result of that storm. The damage was so bad that people were displaced for months while repairs were carried out.

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The hurricane swept through the southeastern parts of Gloucester County and even went through sections of Deptford Township, but the one town that most in that area would agree was impacted the most was Mullica Hill.

The videos that were shared to social media depict the scary scenes of high winds, the funnel in the sky, and people racing down their basement steps in an effort to get somewhere safe. Imagine watching a tornado from your foyer, only minutes later realizing now YOU are right in its direct path. One video in particular shows one house that was fine, only moments later to be completely ravaged by the weather.

Take a look:


The damage this storm left behind is certainly some for the history books here in South Jersey. It's one of the strongest tornados this region has ever experienced. With that being said, it's no wonder the town thought it was a good idea to memorialize the event so people can remember what happened that day.

Sources report that an exhibit appropriately called "Tornado" is scheduled open at the Old Town Hall Museum this October. The exhibit will include interviews with survivors as well as the town's officials and emergency personnel who had quite a job to do that day.

The exhibit will open to the public on October 1st. Find out more HERE.


The 7 Tornadoes That Touched Down in Eastern, PA & New Jersey

Following an insane severe weather outbreak across Eastern, PA and much of New Jersey on Thursday, a ton of damage was reported. So the National Weather Service surveyed the damage to evaluate if tornadoes did touch down.

The strongest tornado, an EF3 was reported in Bensalem, PA.

Tthey have confirmed a total of seven tornadoes touched down across New Jersey and Eastern Pa. Here's a complete list:

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