Happy Palindrome Week!


If you're still scratching your head right now, here's why this term's been going viral lately. Starting yesterday and for the next 9 days, every day can be written out the same forwards as it is backwards. For example, yesterday was September 10th. In America, we write out the dates in month-day-year format. If you don't write the "0" in the month nor the first two digits in the year, yesterday's date would read 9-10-19. Write that backwards and it still reads the same.

Palindrome week runs through 9-19-19 and will be the last week of its kind OF THE CENTURY. Yep, you read that correctly. None of us will be alive the next time the US experiences another palindrome week; the next one will happen in the year 2111. In theory, some people may still be alive for the next one, but the babies born this year will be 92 the next time they get to see a week like this.

Another fun aspect of palindrome week is that it's rumored to bring you some good luck. Check it out:

While this is most likely the last time you'll experience a week like this, you'll still experience more palindrome days. For example, MentalFloss.com points out that February 11th of next year reads the same backwards and forwards, as well as February 202nd just a few days later.

Whether or not you believe you'll be extra lucky this week, it's still a cool thing to keep in mind. You'll never see another week like this in your lifetime, so why not have fun with it?

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