October is National Physical Therapy Month. Whether you’re healing from an injury, rehabbing after surgery, or just trying to relieve some aches and pains, physical therapy can go a long way to get you feeling better. 

It is important to feel comfortable with your therapist,  explain your goals, and set realistic expectations.  Just like doctors,  physical therapists can specialize in specific areas and can provide different options and approaches to treatment. Over the years,  I’ve been to a variety of physical therapists for my knee and my shoulder pain, surgeries, and injuries. Most have designed at-home exercises and stretches to speed up my recovery. One thing I have found, the more I adhered to the regimen, the quicker I recovered. Something many people may not realize, we don’t need a prescription for a physical therapist in New Jersey. We can simply make an appointment for an evaluation with a therapist directly.

So if you’ve been injured or if you’re suffering from aches and pains, talk to a physical therapist about what you can do to feel better and get back to your life

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