If you're worried about whether or not your town is going to still allow your trick-or-treat tonight, you may soon have bigger fish to fry today.

I can't lie, I feel bad for all the little trick-or-treaters today. I can't remember any Halloween during which it downpoured when I was a kid. Getting all dressed up in costume and having no candy to show for it by the end of the night has got to be a difficult temper tantrum for parents to handle.

Your kids freaking out about their lack of sugary goodness may actually end up being the least of your problems today. Multiple reports regarding rough weather expected for tonight reveal a chance of super strong winds and patches of thunderstorms. So, even if your neighborhood says trick-or-treating is a go, you might be waking up Friday morning to a power outage.

Depending on your location, Patch.com is reporting up to 50 mph winds can be expected overnight.

So, when little Timmy or Sarah is/are complaining because they can't go get any Reese's Cups, keep in mind that it may get worse from there.

Sorry, South Jersey. At any rate, stay safe!!

Source: Patch.com

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