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You and your spouse are so in love, times have never been better for you two. Life is great, kids are great, everyone's in great health, etc. Out of nowhere, you discover that your spouse has had a separate account that you had absolutely no idea even existed. How are you feeling about it?

According to a survey conducted by the company StockX, almost 40% of people have money separate from what they share with a significant other or a spouse. Do you have a separate checking or savings account for your personal money? Is there even such a thing as "personal funds" when you enter into marriage?

That's a difficult question to answer. While it's important that the household and the family have enough money to survive and thrive, there's seems to be no real qualms about separate play money within a relationship. But, what if you didn't know an account existed and found out about it out of the blue? Would your stance on the matter change?

The StockX survey says that those who do set a little bit of money aside for themselves have an average of slightly over $2 grand at their disposal. $2,000 is a decent little chunk of change to dip into if you want to treat yourself every once in a while.

We asked the question on Twitter for you to provide us with an answer:

To some, I'm sure finding out that information would feel like a betrayal. However, is there any harm in having your own personal stash of money if the family is well taken care of? Answer the question above to let us know!


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