Do you agree or disagree?

This situation stems from a woman visiting Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware. She apparently was set off by a veteran who brought his PTSD service dog into the restaurant. She later began verbally attacking not only the veteran, but the restaurant staff and customers as well for allowing it.

Now from my stance, I initially thought this girl was absolutely insane and beyond out of control for losing her temper on a member of service. Especially because the Vet's dog is quite literally A SERVICE DOG that is not only legally bound to this man, but is aiding him in living a quality life.

But then the other day, I was leaving the ACME grocery store in Ventnor, when I watched a woman place a blanket inside of her cart with her little Weiner Dog on top-- as if it were a child...

My initial thought was, "Omg ew, thank God I'm getting out of is this woman allowed to bring a dog around fresh produce that people are going to consume?!" 

But then I thought about this viral situation, about the Veteran with his service dog. And my thoughts transitioned to:

Am I being ignorant? I know this dog isn't 'guiding' her in anyway, but maybe it's an emotional support or therapy dog? Who am I to judge? I'm not allergic to dogs, and I'm a dog owner... so should I care?

What are your thoughts?

WEIRD OR NOT WEIRD: to have a dog in a public place where people obtain food?

Comment with your thoughts below!

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