Summer is approaching which means good country music, good food, and good BEER! And why not combine all in one with The Joe and Rachel Cat Country South Jersey Beer, Food, and Music Festival!  Amongst 14 breweries and 28 different craft beers across South Jersey, we're gonna be welcoming a different brewery to the Cat Country Studios every Thursday leading up to the festival, so we can get a glimpse of what to expect!

In which case, today's South Jersey Craft Brewery of the Week is: Vinyl Brewing

Based out of Hammonton,the brewery gets its name because it's inspired by music, handwork, and family roots. They're slogan is "get spun". Brew Master Jim Sacco and right hand man Matt, joined us in the studio today to give us the low down on their two signature beers that they've created, that will be featured at our beer festival event. They're called, Citra Pale Ale and Minimum Effort. They also have a signature coin, that makes you the "boss of the bar" in good ol' war fashion and tradition. How cool!

You can see Bucket Brigade Brewery and their two beers at the Joe and Rachel Cat Country South Jersey Beer, Food and Music Festival happening on Saturday, June 2nd, from 12pm until 5pm at Atlantic Cape Community College in Mays Landing.

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