It's the first day of Spring, and we all know what that means!  Spring Cleaning! But with Spring cleaning comes some chores...and with those chores comes some SERIOUS calorie burning power--so maybe it's not all so bad! You'll get to skip the gym and you're multitasking: exercising and cleaning!

Check Out the list of cleaning/work out routines that'll help you accomplish many new seasonal goals according to a new survey:

  • Vacuuming (1 hour) 238 calories
  • Dusting (2 hours) 340 calories (170cl per hour)
  • Emptying, cleaning, repacking cupboards (4 hours) 952 calories (238cl per hour)
  • Scrubbing the floor (1 hour) 258 calories
  • Climbing up and down loft (20 mins) 181 calories (544cl per hour)
  • Turning mattresses and making beds (1 hour) 136 calories
  • Moving heavy furniture (2 hours) 476 calories (238cl per hour)
  • Cleaning windows (3 hours) 612 calories (204cl per hour)
  • Cleaning external doors (1 hour) 204 calories
  • Deep clean bathrooms (1hour) 258 calories

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