Every time I hear about Menantico Ponds Wildlife Area in Millville, I think about one man's claim that Bigfoot - actually a Bigfoot family - lives there.

Now the NJ State Division of Fish and Wildlife has announced that it has CLOSED the Memantico Ponds area for the summer. So ---- is it because of the Bigfoot family residing there?

Well, if you are a conspiracy theorist, "YES!" may just be your answer.

A while back, we introduced you to "Man of Light" who claims that there is bigfoot activity back in Menantico Ponds. Here's a link to the very first story we did on the subject from January 2021. "Man of Light" has since produced dozens and dozens of videos backing up his Bigfoot-in-Millville claims.

As a matter of fact, I even ventured on my own Bigfoot mission at Menantico Ponds! Check out that video here.

NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife
NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife

So, has the State closed down the area because of the big hairy creature and his family?

That would be a great story, but the answer - at least the "official answer" is "No." Instead, the State of New Jersey says it's closed Menantico Ponds for the summer because the area has attracted "large crowds and unauthorized activities - including swimming and off-road vehicle use - creating an unsafe environment."

Because of the activity, Menantico Ponds will now be closed through September 5, 2022. The State is closing a total of six areas in the state because of unauthorized activity:

So, what will the closing mean to "Man of Light" and Bigfoot and his big hairy family? Only time will tell.

SOURCE: New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

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