College students beware. The habits you create could be setting the stage negative health effects that will last long after classes have ended. A recent study from Northwestern University suggests that 95% of college students develop poor living habits in their time on campus. Fourteen percent of young adults going into college are overweight, and 17% of young adults gain weight or become obese by the end of the first year.

Research shows that students do not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, overindulge in alcohol and create habits that lead to nicotine addiction.  Not sure we really needed a study to tell us that! These habits can then affect their lives long after they have graduated.   One stumbling block to eating healthier could be that college staples of fast food, packaged and processed foods are cheaper than healthier alternatives.

Whether you are a college student or you are a parent of a college kid, we’ve got the study guide on how to be a healthier student with these six tips.

Study Guide to Healthy College Living

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