The article doesn't explain how they compiled the list, however I am going to guess it was the places that are tagged the most in the state.

Many of these Insta-famous places are colleges. This comes as no surprise since Instagram is quite popular with college age kids. I guess technically they are adults in college...


Other popular places include sports arenas, national monuments, and oddly airports.

New Jersey's most popular site is MetLife Stadium.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Rich Schultz, Getty Images

This isn't exactly a shock since they are home to both the New York Giants and Jets and many concerts in the summer. That is a lot of Instagram posts.

New Jersey isn't the only state where a stadium is the most popular on Instagram.

Ohio's number one is the Quicken Loans Arena, thanks LeBron James. Illinois loves Wrigley Field and Wisconsin loves Lambeau Field.

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