Could there be anything weirder than an alligator caught on video, running across a Mullica Township roadway?


Here's a look at some of the odd things that happened South Jersey in 2018! You can click on the highlighted title to check out the original story.

1. A HUGE dog had to be rescued from a bulkhead in Brigantine.  When a dog bites man, that's not news. But, when a 200+ pound dog has to be rescued from the drink, that's news!

Facebook - Brigantine Policemen's Benevolent Local #204

2. Somebody made a wrong turn somewhere!

Courtesy of North Wildwood Police

3. Who's Rhonda and who loves her? We saw these signs in Hamilton Township and they got us thinking..... We never really found out.



Joe Kelly

4. These Egg Harbor Township Teachers won Halloween. Who's going to beat them next year?

YouTube - Amie Nardone

5. Our mayor might be in big trouble, but gosh darn it - we're getting some new toilets! A big deal has been made of our convention center getting better bathrooms. (Usually, references to Atlantic City and toilets are not good things....)

Courtesy of Spectra Venue Management

6. Cockfighting in Vineland? It didn't seem to be that big of a surprise to a community whose high school mascot is a fighting rooster....

Getty Images

7. An actual alligator is caught on video in Mullica Township. Regional and national news is made as "The Mulligator" in captured on video. We're still looking for him. Or her.... Follow this link as I tried to find the gator!

Joe Kelly

9. Rock and Roll! An Atlantic City man choose a rock as his weapon of choice as he tried to rob another man. It didn't work our so well.

ThinkStock antpkr

10. Did a huge tuna just leap out of the water onto the jetty in Longport? That's one guy's fish story....

Twitter - Nightcrawling AC

11. Using Sam Hunt's concert to pop the question. When Sam Hunt played the Atlantic City Beach, a romantic man used the occasion to pop the question. Last we heard, she said yes.

Courtesy of Atlantic City Police

12. Somebody found somebody's set of false teeth at the beach. Eww.....

ThinkStock Iryna Kurhan

13. Wildwood gets new police bunny officer. Where does he keep his gun?

Facebook- Wildwood Police

14. Eagles fan steals ostrich and rides in in Super Bowl Parade. That was the story. It's never been proven. Yet.

ThinkStock Frostyy1108