The results are in!

Survey says these four South Jersey beaches have the best sand. The results are based on analysis of four major characteristics: Grain size, sand color, materials, and when it was last replenished. completed the survey with these results:

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    Cape May City

    An interesting fact to add to your "The More You Know" File: The sand in Cape May actually comes from the Delaware Bay.

    Maybe that's why its medium to fine texture makes it so soft? According to, it was last replenished in the winter season of 2017. Another fun fact: the Cape May sand is 95% quartz based.

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    Ocean City

    The white powder that covers the beautiful Ocean City beaches comes in at number 3 on the countdown. It's so high on the list thanks to its extremely fine granular texture.

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    Atlantic City

    You'd be hard pressed to find a list on which Atlantic City is amongst the top three of anything positive. Well, congratulations to America's Adult Playground, for coming in at number 2 for the best sand in NJ.

    The Atlantic City sand is extremely fine, so it feels great on the bottom of your feet (as long as it doesn't burn you). Also, when you the sun hits it, it seems to be glistening. The sand was replenished less than a year ago, so it's super fresh.

  • 1

    Wildwood Crest

    The sand from the beaches of Wildwood Crest was voted the best sand in South Jersey. The granules here are, reportedly, the smallest in all of New Jersey's beaches, therefore Wildwood Crest sands are the most fine in all the state.

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