Ah, Halloween. That time of year that everyone has to tell us our kids are awesome, at least when it comes to their costumes, no matter how good or bad they actually are.

When you show up to school for the parade and party, you always see a lot of the same: same princesses, same super heroes, same popular cartoon characters, etc. Sometimes, though, a few kids (or their parents, rather) knock it out of the park.

Of course, there's always usually some sort of backlash. Whether it can be attributed to jealousy from other parents because they just went to the local Halloween store and purchased something generic for their kid, or the costume in question is deemed inappropriate, there's always extra attention that comes with stepping out of the box.

These costumes are some of the best kids' costumes that every adult will either love to hate or hate to love. You choose which side of the fence you're on...


  • Costume-works.com

    Richard Simmons

    Dress your kid up as the legendary 80s exercise guru Richard Simmons. C'mon, you know you were laughing! It's hard to not! Whichever set of parents came up with this, I want to meet you.

    Take note of the fact that they have no shame about their child potentially hating this parenting decision later down the road.

  • OhHappyDay.com

    Frida Khalo

    Frida Khalo might not be your first costume choice for your little girl, but it's certainly an original one. Not to mention, it's hilarious if you include the unibrow.

    The best part is that it's relatively easy to find everything you'll need to make this happen. The most difficult part is the flower crown.

  • UrbanAndMom.com

    Hannibal Lecter

    Some might call this a costume fail, but it's brilliantly awesome at the same time. There's definitely some parents out there that think this is too mature or violent, but the likelihood that the child has ever even seen the movie is slim to none, wouldn't you think?

    Obviously, this costume is for adult amusement.

  • via Costume-works.com
    via Costume-works.com

    Female Body Builder

    This little girl is soooo cute! Don't lie, if you saw this little peanut walk up to your front door, you'd crack up. There's nothing really inappropriate about this one. This costume is just hilarious.

  • via Cheezburger.com
    via Cheezburger.com

    Marlboro Cigarettes and Jack Daniels

    Parenting gone completely wrong or internet gold? You'd be surprised at how often those two phrases coincide. This is definitely one of those instances. While this definitely will never make it to any parents' list of top ten costume ideas, it's definitely clever.

    To be honest, the kid probably won't be too embarrassed looking back at these pictures either.

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