Once reserved for tribes, soldiers, sailors, punk rockers, and ex-convicts, tattoos have skyrocketed in popularity, especially among women.

According to famed American tattoo artist Megan Massacre, a shift in in perception began with the show Miami Ink that normalized and dramatized  tattoos. Instead of being the mark of social outcasts or rebels, tattoos became desirable, cool, and sexy. In addition, the increasing number of inked musicians and sports players certainly helped their popularity.

One study from the University of Arkansas found that tattoos may be important because, at their core, they signify a means of cementing identity. Even when everything else about the world changes, tattoos are constants.

Technological advances in tattooing has also contributed to its booming popularity. Stringent health regulations and developments in itechnique have made it safer to get a tat at a clean, sterilized shop.  If you are considering getting a tattoo, we have the top four things to consider to help you think before you ink.

  • gpointstudio -Thinkstock
    gpointstudio -Thinkstock

    Think Before You Ink

    Before we get a piercing, or more permanent, a tattoo, we need to “think before we ink”. This means we must really commit to a tattoo or piercing before deciding to go through with it. Body modifications can have a lasting effect on our lives, so it’s important to think ahead.

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    Pixland - Thinkstock

    Do Your Research

    When getting anything done to your body, it is extremely important to do research of wherever you plan to go. Although regulations have helped, some tattoo parlors or piercing shops can be dirty and can actually be home to infections and diseases. For this reason, we need to do our research to find a clean, reputable place to get a body modification.

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    SIphotography - Thinkstock

    Beware of the Pain

    Of course, altering our bodies does not come without pain. However, many people actually don’t know the amount of pain that comes with tattoos or piercings. Some areas of the body are more painful to modify than others, so it’s important to be prepared and know exactly what you’re getting into.

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    Ryan McVay - Thinkstock


    Before getting any drastic work done, it’s important to eat. This is necessary because the pain or rush of getting a tattoo or piercing can cause some people to feel light-headed or even pass out. No one wants to faint in a situation such as getting a tattoo!

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