Last week, I opined about what I think is the worst red light in South Jersey -- the one at the Black Horse Pike at McKee Avenue in Mays Landing. And based on the feedback on our Facebook page, many people feel the same way.

This past weekend, I went to Manahawkin to do some shopping and stuff. When I was done doing my part to help the local economy, it took forever to get back to the Garden State Parkway.

Why? Someone decided it was a good idea to have the parking lots of many really big stores dump into a little road with a confusing intersection and a very short red light.

Yes, I'm talking about Doc Cramer Boulevard at Route 72 in Manahawkin.

Frustrating, slow moving, aggravating, hurry-up-and-wait... Walmart, BJ's, Aldi, a bank, a bunch of restaurants, another shopping center with a movie theater -- all of this traffic gets funneled onto Martin Truex Jr. Blvd. which then dumps into Doc Kramer Blvd. at a very short red light at Route 72. The result? Traffic that gets no where fast.

I'm not quite sure how traffic management classes in college are taught, but it seems to me that some real-world observations need to be made at some of the intersections around here. Sure, we're a densely populated state that attracts millions of tourists every year -- and the goal of a red light is to keep traffic on the main highway moving as best as it can -- but that doesn't mean you should have to spend half of your weekend leaving Walmart.

Congratulations, Manahawkin -- Doc Cramer and Route 72 is a very close runner-up for being the worst traffic light in South Jersey.

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