I used to be a waitress, so I can totally vouch for some of these 'TOP 10 Things That Restaurant Workers Despise' survey from the Daily Mail.

However, I've also been a customer. An average eater at a nice or simple restaurant just to get in a meal that I don't have to cook. So I can also sympathize with things on that end as well.

In which case, here are the TOP 10 peeves of a restaurant worker in South Jersey, and how I personally feel about it!

  • 1

    Snapping your fingers for the server's attention

    Now that's just plain ignorant...Your waitress is not your butler or your dog. However, my dad tends to subconsciously do this when he has food in his mouth but is a rush to get the check.

    Which brings me to my next point...

  • 2

    Talking with your mouth full

    Ok, I'm on team customer for this one. If you see me chewing my food (which I tend to do very slowly, thanks to TMJ) please don't come up to me and ask me how everything is going and if I need anything else. Otherwise, you're just asking for it!

  • 3

    Being loud

    I hate this on both ends... as a waitress and as a fellow diner. Your friends/family are sitting right in front of you, there's no need for you to shout unless you're in an argument. And if so, take it outside! Trust me, I'm Italian I get that this all sounds hard. But that's what 'talking with your hands is for' *~quiet places~*

  • 4

    Wiping hands on the tablecloth

    I mean, there's a napkin right next to your dish... or at least there should be. As a waitress, this honestly wouldn't bother me so much since the table cloths should be washed on the daily ANYWAY.

  • 5

    Blowing your nose in a napkin

    Customer: "Gosh, I'm on a hot date and if I don't blow my nose, it's gonna start to run in my food and idk what I'm gonna do!"

    I've been on both ends... and neither rock my socks.

  • 6

    Letting Your Children Run Wild

    God bless I still have the privilege of enjoying my food without rambunctious children. BUT I have been a waitress in this situation and yes--as annoying it may be--it's equally if not MORE annoying for the parents. So take a breather and cut them some slack! I find that asking the kids to kindly quiet down, instills a lot more embarrassment in them then it does when the parents have to do it.

    Which brings me to #7...

  • 7

    Letting the kids watch videos on their phone

    Alright, chose your battles here. Would you rather #6 or #7? I say if it keeps the kid still and quiet, give them a pair of head phones and bask in the glory of technology for a minute.

  • 8

    Licking a knife

    LIKE NO! Why would you even do this!? I've had desperate moments when licking off my last bit of Nutella but seriously please don't in public.... you'll give me a heart attack. And then if you cut your tongue off it's pretty much the restaurants fault.

  • 9


    If you're eating alone and trying to look busy, that's one thing. But it is a bit rude don't you think? When your server or cashier is trying to help you on your way and you're just ignoring their hospitably by texting or playing words with friends?

    BUT-->Check out #10

  • 10

    Talking on the Phone

    If it's a loud conversation or is bothering any of the other customers then yeah knock it off, mister!

    On the other hand, if I'm talking on the phone--it may not be the best time to come over and ask me if I'm ready for the check.


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