Luckily, we're seeing the most ideal situation regarding the weather this 4th of July holiday.

The sky should be blue all day, the temperature to be tolerably hot not humid, and for there to be a gentle breeze throughout the day. The weather forecast for Independence Day is calling for thunderstorms at night. Hopefully, we won't see ANY of them during the day.


In the case of spotty weather on the 4th, you'll need a back-up plan. Bring the bbq inside and have a movie marathon! We've picked out the five best possible choices for your screening enjoyment while keeping in the holiday spirit. From military-themed favorites to summertime classics, you'll find something to occupy your time while waiting for the rain to stop. While watching, red, white and blue clothing and blankets are optional.

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The best 5 movies to watch on the 4th Of July

Ranked from goodies to our absolute favorites, let's start with number 5:

5.) The Sandlot

Nothing sparks nostalgia of the summers' past like watching neighborhood kids play baseball. Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez and his Sandlot team welcome the new kid in town by inviting him to play ball, only to discover the ball he brought with him was signed by none other than baseball legend Babe Ruth himself, which poses a huge problem for the bunch when they lose it.

4.) Jaws

If you can't be at the beach on the 4th, watch a movie about the scariest creature of the deep terrorizing fictional people who are living your dream. Makes sense, right? Might ease your pain a little...

3.) Soul Surfer

On a more serious note, Soul Surfer tells the true story of surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack only to defy the odds and overcome adversity to become a champion once again. Grab the tissues for this one...

2.) Top Gun

Can you even compile a list of Fourth of July movies without including Top Gun? Pretty sure that would basically be illegal. Top Gun's a classic! Maverick and Goose in fighter pilot school, overcoming the challenges, hooking up with the teachers.... ahhh, America. You can't go wrong with Top Gun: Maverick, either.

And our number one pick for your 4th of July movie marathon is...

1.) Independence Day

Obviously, it would be Independence Day! Star Wars meets Top Gun meets every single Marvel movie plus a little Men in Black thrown in there, can you even top it? America kicking a** and taking names.

God Bless the USA.

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