Two twenty-somethings from Rio Grande have been arrested for charges brought on them regarding the distribution of narcotics, methamphetamines' specifically.

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According to the Cape May Court House Prosecutor's Office website, a male and female both in their late twenties have been accused and charged with narcotics distribution after multiple teams descended on the residence of 27-year-old Rio Grande resident Branden Manyak last week. The authorities discovered the narcotics mentioned above as well as packaging evidence. Both were charged with fourth, third, and second degree offenses all related to the possession and distribution of methamphetamines.

It's unclear whether or not the two will be held at the Cape May County Correctional Center through the Thanksgiving holiday, but it can't be easy on their families to deal with this so close to the day.

Prosecutor Sutherland insured Middle Township residents that he will continue to target anyone known of selling or distributing illegal substances within the area and bring them to justice. The website does ask, though, for anyone with any information regarding illegal substance distribution to anonymously tip authorities. The prosecutor's statements show that he's committed to the cause of eradicating the drug problem within the township in an effort to create a more stable, safe, and sound community.

For even more information on this case as well to see who was involved in the investigation, feel free to click HERE.



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