A Hamilton Township Police Officer put his turtle wrestling skills to good use as he captured and helped relocate a big guy (or girl?) Friday.

We've all seen the "Turtle Crossing" signs this summer, especially along waterways in South Jersey.

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Friday, police officers shower up to help relocate a turtle that was playing chicken with cars on Route 322, west of Mays Landing. Based on the size of the turtle, he might have taken out a car or two.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Hamilton Township Police Officer Van Gilder was the savior of the huge turtle, that was wrangled in the area of Dirkes Used Auto Parts on 322.  As captured on video, Officer Van Gilder caught the big turtle, apparently while keeping all his fingers and toes:

The video comes from the Township Police Department's Facebook page. It's emphasized that "no turtles were hurt in the making of this video."

The turtle was relocated to a nearby swampy area.

Great job!

SOURCE: Hamilton Township Police Department.

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