As you cruise into Willdwood on Route 47 (That sounds warm, doesn't it), you probably notice the big pretty-much-empty-lot now sitting on the left side of the road.

Rio Grande Avenue has seen a lot of construction, road and otherwise, over the last few years. (As has a lot of the Wildwoods.)

Across from the Wawa, a number of businesses have left and been knocked down, bulldozed.

So, what's going up there? What else is happening in Wildwood?

Our friend, Joey, from Wildwood Video Archive takes us on the tour of the area, and explains what's happening, or, maybe, what's not happening.

Here's Joey with even more news about what's happening in Wildwood for the upcoming summer season:

Thanks, Joey! He does a great job in keeping the world updated about what's happening in Wildwood!

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