Halloween is great as a kid, but honestly it is better as an adult.

Hear me out...

Yes, kids get to go trick or treating and get free candy. However, kids have to listen to their parents for how much candy they can eat in a day.

Adults, we don't have anyone telling us to stop eating candy. We can eat as much as we want. Plus, of course you can steal from your kids.

Exhibit A:

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

Plus a lot of offices have candy out around Halloween.

Exhibit B:

TSM Chelsea Corrine
TSM Chelsea Corrine

As an adult Halloween parties are way better.

One word...


Not saying you need to drink to have fun, but it sure helps.

Costume contests are better as an adult too. Winning as a kid is cool and all, but the prizes as an adult are better.

Some bars have crazy prizes like trips, concert tickets, cash, TVs, and so much more. I mean honestly that's way better than a ribbon.

The day after Halloween is better as an adult too.

The day after means half off Halloween candy. Kids can't just drive themselves to the store and use their hard earned money on half priced Halloween candy. You know who can? Adults.

Next time you reminisce on the good ol' days and wish you were a kid at Halloween, just remember it is WAY better as an adult.

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