Nothing starts our day off better than a morning workout.  Fitness experts say to focus on three main elements - such as cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and stretching.  

Cardiovascular exercise improves blood flow which can positively affect our mood, self-esteem, memory and our brain’s ability to focus and concentrate for the day ahead. Strength training helps keep our muscles and bones strong and yoga or stretching improve your flexibility and reduce stiffness.

My husband and I have both switched from evening to morning workouts and we are happy we did. We have more energy throughout the day, we sleep better at night, and we don't have to think about it for the rest of the day. We can check it off the list! Having a short morning fitness routine can help us kick our body and brain into high gear each day. We have some ideas on how to fit these three pillars of fitness into your morning routine.

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    Getty Images/Tetra images RF

    Increase Your Cardio

    Getting on the elliptical or going for a walk or jog definitely provides brain benefits. Even cardio in the form of dance shows many benefits. By getting out of bed in the morning and dancing to your favorite song you’re loosening up your muscles and waking up your body and mind.

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    Strengthen Your Body & Brain

    At the end of your wake up dance moving onto basic strength training helps to further wake up your muscle and mind. Strength training can be done in the form of body weight exercises, exercises on fitness equipment, or with bands, fitness balls or dumbbells. Try to add that to your fitness routine at least three or four times a week.

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    Getty Images/Westend61

    Center Yourself

    To wrap up your morning routine focus yourself with a breathing and movement routine. Connecting your breath to your body movements can improve attention  Spend at least ten minutes stretching or doing yoga to finish up your routine and start your day off right. 

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