More and more vegan restaurants have been popping up, giving vegans more options when dining out. Here are some vegan restaurants that you can find in South Jersey.

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    Greens and Grain

    With 4 South Jersey locations in Northfield, Galloway, EHT, and Margate, Greens and Grain offer a variety of lunch foods. The menu varies by location, but they have smoothies, pitas, bowls, and more.

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    Wildflower Vegan Cafe

    This restaurant in Millville is highly rated on Yelp. Their menu changes every so often and offers lunch and dessert and even dog treats and gluten free bagels. I looked over their menu and their chocolate ganache chocolate cupcake with peach filling has my mouth watering.

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    Healthy Garden and Gourmet Pizza

    While Healthy Garden and Gourmet Pizza isn't a vegan restaurant, they offer many vegan options. They have three locations in New Jersey, Vorhees, Piscataway, and Moorestown. They have one of the largest menus I have ever seen with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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    Living on the Veg

    Living on the Veg is right on LBI in Beach Haven. They offer lunch, dinner and juices and have great reviews on Yelp. The two items I saw raved the most were the potato salad and the buffalo tempeh wrap.

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    Heart Beet Kitchen

    I think Heart Beet Kitchen has the most variety of all the vegan restaurants in South Jersey, located in Haddon. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and juices/smoothies. They even have yoga classes and runs. Breakfast offers things like French toast, waffles, and bagels. Lunch and dinner has everything from tacos to pad thai, to burgers. They even have kombucha on tap.

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