Hey, we all feel it from time to time. In today’s modern world, the combination of work and life can often be really stressful. Our body responds to stress with the fight-or-flight response, good for reacting quickly in an emergency or during physical events like sports.

However, too much stress can have extremely negative effects on the body such as frequent headaches, a weakened immune system, or inability to focus. Everyone reacts to stress differently, from eating junk food to smoking to just avoiding the problem altogether. The important thing to remember is that everyone has stress. We just need to find a healthy way to cope with it.

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    Get Moving

    This is the go-to answer for most people when dealing with stress. Taking the chance to relieve stress and improve your physical fitness helps kill two birds with one stone! Some classic examples are running, lifting, or sports like basketball or tennis.

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    Write and Release

    Writing down what is bothering you can help make the task feel less daunting. Start with simple steps for an action plan,  and it is important to remember to cross them off as you go. Then you can actually see your progress as you work.

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    Do What Relaxes You

    If you're in need of a break, be sure to pick an activity that you enjoy and will help you calm down. For many, this can be getting lost in a book or watching their favorite TV show. However, be sure to hold yourself to a specific length of time, such as one chapter or a single episode. You don't want to get sidetracked.

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