We've all been there before. You finally convinced yourself it was time to get more active. For the first few weeks you're riding high on motivation but eventually, that fades. It happens quite often.  In fact, only 60 percent of Americans exercise regularly—and that includes walks and other leisure activities.

One of the biggest obstacles is taking on too much at once.  We are so excited to get started that we go full throttle and then we are not able to keep up with the rigorous schedule we set for ourselves. Another obstacle is doing something we really detest.  For instance, if you hate running, don’t run.  There are many other ways to get some cardio fitness.

Also, change how you view exercise and think of it as movement.  Just find some way to move your body every day.  However, if you struggle to get through your workout, we have three ways to push through the invisible wall and squeeze every last drop out of your fitness program.

  • Lyndon Stratford/thinkstock
    Lyndon Stratford/thinkstock

    Find a Mantra

    The mind is a beautiful thing, but, it can also be your worst enemy. In the middle of a strenuous workout, you might hear that little voice in your head telling you it's okay to call it a day. When this happens, start mentally saying some short, rhythmic phrases to yourself until you have a few that work for you. You don’t have to tell anyone what they are, or even that you’re using them.

  • Getty Images/Tetra images RF
    Getty Images/Tetra images RF

    Set a Daily Goal

    Research has shown that writing down a specific to-do list actually helps you create momentum on those day you aren't exactly feeling it. Start off with some small tasks that need to be done throughout the day, as you start checking those things off the list, it becomes like a game and you'll find the inspiration to continue.

  • ariwasabi/ Creative Services
    ariwasabi/ Creative Services

    Find Your 'Why'

    If you ask most people the main reason why they workout-- "wanting to look good" would be a the top of the list. But, for the day we aren't feeling it, that motivation factor might not be good enough. Find a deeper connection to working out that will keep you honest. Some people enjoy the feeling working out gives them, others like to test their limits. Finding that kind of motivation will help you power through any workout.

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